The Jurgen's Universal Door for the Arri III camera with a 360 degree pivoting viewfinder.The only pivoting video assist door configured for handheld work.

The viewing system is extremely bright because it transmits 100% to both eyepiece and video camera simultaneously.

Best of all, Jurgen's Video Tap does not use a beamsplitter or pellicle thereby allowing 100% of the light to the operator's eyepiece and to the video camera. In addition to the brighter image, it also eliminates the dual polarizing effect that can happen with a beamsplit image. That is, a polarizer on a lens combined with a polarized beamsplitter can extremely darken the image in the viewfinder, as well as giving false readings of glare elimination.

The Video Camera on top is the new U-Cam (modified Sony XC-999)

This is our conventional modified Sony XC-999 (we call it J-Cam )