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The Arri II-C has long been a workhorse camera for the industry, but has suffered from a non-pivoting , poor viewing system, and one which did not readily adapt to video assist accessories. JURGEN'S Inc. is proud to have changed all that. Our door with its superior optics, (not a modification of an existing door) gives the II-C a viewing system comparable to the best of any 35mm motion picture camera systems. It also will readily adapt to our 1/2" CCD color and black & white video cameras. The eyepiece pivots a complete 360 degrees to provide clear, comfortable viewing from virtually any angle. This is especially useful when the camera is handheld, or when it is placed in hard to access places. One can even view from the front, looking backwards, if so desired. A positive, one touch lock easily attaches and detaches the door for quick threading and gate checks. As with the JURGEN'S UNIVERSAL DOOR for the Arri 35-3, our new II-C door provides 100% of the light to both the camera operator and the video simultaneously. Consequently, this new door is brighter and better in resolution than any other system around. Aside from being brighter than beamsplitter systems, our 100% light system cannot be fooled by the phenomenon of dual polarization. (This can happen when a polarizer is used on the lens, and the polarized surface of the beamsplitter can give a false image concerning glare elimination.)