The spray-deflector in action

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Overview ----How to insert filter-holder----Attaching the shroud ----Break-away shade ---Changing the optical flat

Features and Instructions

A spray-deflector for the truly quality oriented professional.

At 3200 rpm, the optical flat repells most particles (water, snow, dust and others). Giro effect is not an issue.

The large 138mm aperture clears most zoom- and wide angle lenses. It weighs approx. 5 pounds and accommodates

Arri's 15mm, 19mm bridge-plates and Panavision's support system.

Included accessories: 138mm diameter filter holder (multiple) and 4" x 5" rectangle holder (single, Panavision style)

--------------------------Large shroud and seal which shields the lens and camera from the elements.

--------------------------Brake-away shade

--------------------------Power supply (24 VDC single input or two times 12 VDC)